HRI Geneva

Hagen Resources International covers Geneva — home of major International Governmental Organizations; regional headquarters for numerous multinational enterprises; base  for diplomatic missions for nearly every country in the world; and the location of many international non-governmental organizations.

Geneva Panorama — Jet d’eau and the Salève

WIPO Headquarters GenevaHRI Geneva is devoted to promoting cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration on international issues, linking the 25 major international organizations based in Geneva from the perspective of the cross-cutting issues they are addressing with all other governmental and non state actors.  HRI also connects with the 150 diplomatic missions and the plethora of non-governmental organizations who are drawn to this international environment.

UN GenevaGeneva-based international organizations cover issues in multiple sectors including trade, intellectual property, health and social protection, labour relations, information and communications technology,  food security and human rights.  HRI has networks to connect in a cross-cutting way across all of these issues and organizations.  HRI also emphasizes a multi-stakeholder approach to include the perspectives of governments, international organizations, NGOs and the private sector.

WTO GateHRI’s staff of professionals keeps track of and reports on major events, debates, personnel changes, trends, policies, regulations, standards and pronouncements emanating from these companies,  groups and institutions.

Below are some examples of our work, and the services we provide.


Presentation at the Public Affairs Council

Watch the PAC presentation online (click HERE)

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HRI Geneva Seminar Series

See these PowerPoint slides used as visual aids at HRI’s Geneva Seminars, where participants interact with senior officials from major international organizations on  key global issues, while learning about the structures and methods of those international organizations.

HRI Geneva Seminar

Watch HRI Geneva Seminar Part 1 online (click HERE)

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Watch HRI Geneva Seminar Part 2 online (click HERE)

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Watch HRI Geneva Seminar Part 3 online (click HERE)

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Watch HRI Geneva Seminar Part 4 online (click HERE)

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