About HRI

Hagen Resources International is an international government relations firm established in 2001 and based in Geneva, Switzerland.  Our Geneva location provides an excellent vantage point from which to monitor and analyze growing multi-stakeholder presence in global affairs and in the involvement of the United Nations system, including the expanding opportunities for multi-stakeholder and public/private/people partnerships.  HRI’s Geneva-based network links together what is happening in the WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, WIPO, WHO, ILO, ITU and many other international organizations and international non-state actors in the Geneva area.  And through HRI’s work throughout Europe and the rest of the world, HRI’s global resource network connects to developments worldwide.

Founded by Dr. Katherine Hagen, former Deputy Director-General of the International Labour Organization; and Mr. Ralph Doggett, an economist with extensive international consulting experience, HRI supports its clients with a broad range of talents covering legal, political, environmental, social and economic policy analysis; research; networking; events management; and consultation.

Katherine Ann Hagen is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant for Hagen Resources International.   Working with the HRI team, she organizes multi-stakeholder meetings on a wide range of issues, facilitates networking with international organizations, writes political commentaries and produces in-depth research reports for individual clients.   She also serves as the Executive Director for the Council for Multi-sectoral and Multi-stakeholder Diplomacy and as Executive Director for the Global Social Observatory.

Katherine provides clients with expert analysis and commentary on socio-economic policy issues and decision-making processes.   She specializes in understanding how systems of global governance operate in an inter-governmental world, albeit with a growing variety of global actors.  Her large network of contacts helps clients with identifying effective networking and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.  Her work has encompassed the cross-cutting issues of climate change, food security, health and nutrition, labour relations, intellectual property, trade and sustainable development.  She has published reports and articles on these issues as well as contributing her weekly commentary to the CMMD Geneva Observer.

With doctorates in both law (UNC-Chapel Hill) and international relations (American University), Katherine has a solid legal and political understanding of the governance and policy deliberations in the diverse array of international organizations in Geneva.  She also draws on her experience as the former Deputy Director-General at the ILO where she managed the ILO policy dialogue with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and implemented a strategic focus on promoting social dialogue with workers and employers’ organizations and governments; and as Vice President of Government Relations at AT&T, where she organized multi-stakeholder coalitions on civil rights, retiree health funding and international labor agreements.  Earlier in her career, she was a White House Fellow, North Carolina state senator, civic leader and professor of international and Asian politics.

Ralph McShane Doggett serves as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Economist for Hagen Resources International.  He is a co-founder of HRI, responsible for the management of HRI’s financial, administrative, marketing and technical activities.  He is also a Director of the Council for Multi-sectoral and Multi-stakeholder Diplomacy.  In addition, Mr. Doggett currently serves as the Treasurer and Secretary of the Global Social Observatory.

Mr. Doggett has over 30 years of experience in business and government relations, having worked with a variety of premier economic consulting firms (McGraw-Hill/Data Resources; INFORUM; International Research & Technology specializing in macro-economic policy and analysis, inter-industry (input-output) economics, econometrics and forecasting.  He broadened his skills by developing and implementing business plans, marketing and public relations strategies.  Serving a diverse array of clients in governments, the private sector, and NGOs, he has displayed an ability to work across cultures and levels of development to deliver services and meet the needs of clients in both advanced industrialized economies and in developing and emerging economies.

Mr. Doggett holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree, both in economics, and both from the University of Maryland at College Park.  His multi-cultural background includes living and working in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.  He has developed more than 20 country-specific models to analyze the dynamics of economic growth, trade and development, with a focus on national accounts, balance of payments frameworks, financial flows, and industry-level statistics.  He has authored or contributed to numerous reports and papers presenting analyses of economic trends, projections, and the impacts of factors affecting economic growth and development.

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