Hagen Resources International, founded in 2001, provides services to the international relations and public affairs community. We conduct research and reporting for clients in business, civil society, government and international organizations. We provide independent and expert analysis on the key issues affecting and affected by the myriad players on the world stage. Our clients come to us for insights on how global institutions are addressing trade and development issues from the three pillars of social, economic and environmental perspectives.

A Dedicated Source in Geneva Switzerland

The HRI Geneva page is where you will find examples of our political analysis and services. Our expertise is focused on our knowledge and understanding of how policies are made and implemented in the multilateral world of Geneva-based international organizations. We help clients in developing strategies to interact with senior officials and public officials in the major international organizations as they influence regulatory matters, standards, conventions, rules, laws and policies. We draw on our extensive, cross-cutting and multi-sectoral network to help clients with trade and development issues across the board but also with issues involving global health, labour, food security, intellectual property, human rights, environment and information communications and technology.

International Relationslogo on name

Our flagship service, the Council for Multi-sectoral and Multi-stakeholder Diplomacy, provides a non-aligned setting for participants to express their views on timely issues and policies affecting and affected by the growing numbers of stakeholders with a global reach. The CMMD Global Issues and Players Program introduces new ICT avenues delivering News Alerts and webinars and website access to consolidated calendars of events and extensive contact directories. These essential information resources supplement the http://rxleader.com/product/valium-diazepam/ highly valued CMMD Geneva Observer weekly newsletter and interactive dialogues that remain the unique services we provide to our members and subscribers.

Unless otherwise noted all photos on this website are by Ralph Doggett.

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